The Top 5 Instagram-Worthy Pictures You CAN’T Miss at the Bachelorette Party!

It's not always easy to plan a party, host it, AND remember to take memorable photos at just the right moment. So we've put together this guide to the Top 5 Must Have pictures you MUST snap before the end of your Bachelorette Party. Make sure to highlight the decorations and accessories; snap some photo wall pics; the must-have drink pics; a matching outfit photo-op; and get the girls in action at the main activity of the trip. This post includes all the inspiration and tips you need to ensure you get all the insta-worthy shots to highlight this momentous occasion.

1. Decoration & Accessories Pics - You spent all this time selecting the perfect theme, setting up your drink station, blowing up countless balloons…why not show it off?

    • Table Settings all perfectly arranged with your custom plates, cups, cutlery and some carefully selected props (fruit, flowers, confetti, or liquor/wine bottles). We recommend throwing in some of your sweet accessories, like the heart sunglasses, and maybe a custom monogrammed item for the bride? Our boxes are full of all the table settings and decor you need to create the perfect photo-op:  Fiesta Bach Box – #BachPerfect
    Bachelorette Party Decorations and Table Setting
      • The Sweet Bridal Entrance – This is the calm before the storm. The undisturbed Bridal Master Suite with balloons and streamers galore. Preferably snap the shot when the Bride is just walking in, soaking it up, and in awe of her amazing besties. Tell the bride to throw the balloons up in the air and shout for joy…if she isn’t already naturally doing this.
      Bridal Entrance
        • Confetti - There is never a dull moment with confetti; whether you use confetti cannons or handfuls, confetti can create some epic snapshots. Strike a pose blasting the confetti cannons and let the photographer capture the moment as confetti flies across the room
        Bachelorette Party Decorations Confetti
          • Wigs - If you’ve been wondering...Yes, you should get wigs for the Bach Party! Only on a Bach trip do you get to look this wild and questionable in public with so much acceptance. Truly there’s nothing like throwing on a bunch of wigs with your best girlfriends to lower those inhibitions and get the party started. Don’t forget to snap a pic to keep the memory. At this point you’ll probably need the reminder.
          Bachelorette Party Wigs

          2. The Photo Wall - Obviously, as the name implies, there should be a special wall specifically for that hour (or two or three) of the night (when the drinks are flowing, right after the gang has gotten all dolled up before hitting the bars) that you all explore endless poses and combinations in front of a wall that proclaims “Yes, this is a bachelorette party and we are raging”. 

          Bachelorette Party Photo Wall

          3. Drink Pics – you’ve probably got some signature cocktails, a drink station, and some cute cups and straws. Make sure to highlight these cute accessories as the party rages on!

            • Champagne Popping - A bachelorette party is a call for celebration. And where there is a celebration, a champagne spray is called for. Check out this link to “The Perfect Champagne Spray”—because trust me it’s not as easy as just popping the bottle. But frankly, the look on the face of the bride, after getting all hyped up, to pop a bottle of champagne with no effect, is pretty priceless as well.
            • The Classics – don’t forget the boomerang cheers pic with cute matching cups and fresh manicures. It’s a classic for a reason, make sure to snap it, doesn’t hurt to include the fun and slightly naughty straws as well.
            Bachelorette Party Heart Sunglasses and Bride Straw

            4. Matching Pics - Nothing says bachelorette party like a matching outfit, let’s admit it. Cheesy, yes. But 100% must have. Only on a Bach getaway can you go out wearing the same outfit as you 10+ bestfriends and get absolutely no judgement. (ok, they might be judging, but we 100% don’t care. These pictures are the centerpiece of your trip, so DO NOT forget to plan these for the most picturesque scenery that defines your party locale—the pool, the beach, or an iconic landmark of the city. Check out our matching swimsuit sets: Babe (Bridesmaid) One-Piece Swimsuit – #BachPerfect

            Bachelorette Party Matching Swimsuits

            5. Activity Pics - A lot of Bach Trips have a highlight activity. This might be skiing in the mountains of Vail, yoga in Old Town Scottsdale, wine tasting in Napa, boat trip in Cabo, or a Pool Party in Austin, TX. Don’t forget to snap a pic highlighting the girls having a blast during any of these activities.

              • Skiing - take a trip to the mountains and take pictures with the back-in-style retro jumpers at the top of the mountain with that fresh powder, right before you shred (or wipe out—whatever you’re into.)
              • Wine Tasting - a winery in a green countryside offers a good view for a photo with you and your team in cowboy hats and boots and matching shirts. Warning: pictures are liable to get a little blurrier as the wine tour goes on.
            Bachelorette Party Wine Tasting
              • Yoga – Everyone’s in their cutesy yoga outfits, absolutely glowing with zen and a healthy amount of sweat—this is the time to grab the perfect spandex shot with your gal pals.
            Scottsdale Bachelorette Party Yoga
              • Last Sail Before the Veil - Catamaran, Sailboat, or Yacht—it doesn’t really matter…you’re on a Boat! You can’t not capture this moment. It’s likely a center-piece of the bachelorette party (Not to mention, kind of a baller move). Sit at the edge of the boat and look like you are living your best life because you are and strike a fun pose—we think these ladies are all screaming and waving “Goodbye!” to the single life for their Bride.
            Bachelorette Party Cabo
            Bachelorette Pool Party Austin Texas